who is she?

Michelle Aldridge is a Chicago-based comedian, writer, and virgo. This Michigander has been honing her improv, sketch, writing, and stand-up skills for nearly a decade at renowned comedy theaters in DC, Tokyo, and Chicago.


She’s performed as a part of the Chicago Women’s Funny Fest, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Harold Team Mothership, and the Second City Training Center’s house ensemble and musical house ensemble. Her solo show the 30-Year-Old Virgo premiered at the Annoyance Theatre in 2019 and was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 


Michelle is currently seeking representation and a corgi to adopt in Chicago. Follow her online @gingerlymyself to see what her curly bangs look like today or to read a little tweet. Michelle is endlessly thankful for her family, friends, comedy mentors, and cheesy potatoes.

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