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Sometimes the only way to "safely' share your vulnerabilities, speak unspeakable truths, and express how you authentically feel is to joke about it.


Comedian & writer Michelle Aldridge interviews fellow comedians and creatives on how humor has helped them, hurt them, or been completely indifferent toward them. It's equal parts cathartic laughs and personal reflection. 

One coping mechanism for the despair we feel about late capitalism, climate change, and being alive is to write a "jokey" tweet about it. Why is it easier to joke about something than to open up about it in earnest? Is the joke used to comfort yourself or to comfort others by softening the blow of your pain? 


Jokes Not Jokes will explore all of these questions and all of these bits. 

It's You Made It Weird meets Good One.

It's Armchair Expert, without the expert (and marriage to Kristen Bell).

It's as if WTF was hosted by a painfully earnest queer Michigander. 


It's giving Michelle an introverted way to hang out with comedians.

It's less expensive than therapy. 

Join Michelle, comedians, and their depression (jokes not jokes) every week. 

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