tv writer. 

dog mom.

wait, is she actually funny/qualified/a dog mom?  


This is a really exciting idea for a show. The inciting incident of this piece is a win. The tone of this piece is really great and is so consistent across all areas of the script. The dialogue feels realistic and very of the world that you're establishing, but also so funny. There are so many great jokes but it never feels like they sell out the story in any way. 


The opening scene is fantastic! The dialogue is very witty and the characters keep bouncing off each other. This is in the Top 1% of overall impression, dialogue, & characters  for scripts we've read!


What’s most fun about EXPOSURE is the way you present how normal having mental disorders is. It’s got heart, humor, and gives you plenty to discuss with anyone who reads it! It’s funny and fresh and unique!



3/3 Gen Z students agree she is hilarious!

Work with my mom! Wow she is the best hooman and loves me so much! She adopted me in 2020 because it was an awful year and she needed a sentient being at home who loves her... and I need her to buy me more treats so work with her!

 Tater swift